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Anthony Albright

Walks and talks


Saturday July 15th

1.30pm – 2.30pm

Wealden Literary Festival, Boldshaves Garden, Woodchurch, Kent

I attended the first Wealden Literary Festival last year and loved the location set in these beautiful gardens. Come and join me and the marvellous Ros Coward in a yurt where we will attempt to entertain you.




Wednesday 30th August 2017


Waterstones, Canterbury

I will be doing a Q&A and a reading at Waterstones this evening. Hopefully in the company of my former boss, Alan Johnson, South East regional conservation director for the RSPB, whom I look forward to bantering with.


4 thoughts on “Upcoming events

  1. Hi Carol.

    It was an amazing talk you gave at WhitLit on Sunday. Have started to read your book and it is very good. Keep up the good work protecting the environment, nature and above all else the Marshes. Look forward to more books in the future.

    You will get your little shack and land one day. Patience is the key i guess.

    • Many Thanks Richard. It gives me confidence that people seemed to like the talk. It is just me rattling on, after all. Glad you’re enjoying the book. Paul Weller said that he’d realised that the people who succeeded in getting their dreams were simply the people that didn’t give up. I’m holding him to that.

  2. Great to meet you at Wealden. We’d love to have you for a talk at Canterbury Christ Church – I’ve sent an email to your agent outlining details. Hope to hear from you!

    • Many thanks Sonia. I have just got back from a writing course so saw the e-mail from Joanna today. I am happy to do this and have put your suggested date in my diary. I think Joanna is going to reply confirming formally.

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