Upcoming events


Anthony Albright

On the Marshes Walk,

August 10th 2019,

10.00am – 12.00pm,

Elmley Nature Reserve

As part of the Sheppey Shorelines Festival I am taking a morning stroll around this lesser known part of the Elmley Nature Reserve. Join me as I relive my daddy-long-leg horror on Elmley Hill and tell you a little about the history and wildlife of this lesser known corner of Sheppey

The walk is free but the Elmley Conservation Trust request a £5 parking charge.

Booking Essential – email msep@medway.gov.uk to book a place. 

Walks and talks

I am toying with the idea of starting a series of nature walks aimed at encouraging more women to engage with nature and feel confident walking in the countryside.

I am not normally a lover of single sex affairs but I have had quite a few women tell me they would love to explore some of the places I wrote about in my book but don’t feel they can.

I walk alone in the countryside so much for work that I don’t think twice about heading out but I am aware that lots of women don’t feel that way.

The walks would not be very arduous and no expertise would be needed just a desire to enjoy our beautiful wildlife and scenery.

If you would be interested in finding out more or hearing about dates then please get in touch.







6 thoughts on “Upcoming events

  1. Hi Carol.

    It was an amazing talk you gave at WhitLit on Sunday. Have started to read your book and it is very good. Keep up the good work protecting the environment, nature and above all else the Marshes. Look forward to more books in the future.

    You will get your little shack and land one day. Patience is the key i guess.

    • Many Thanks Richard. It gives me confidence that people seemed to like the talk. It is just me rattling on, after all. Glad you’re enjoying the book. Paul Weller said that he’d realised that the people who succeeded in getting their dreams were simply the people that didn’t give up. I’m holding him to that.

  2. Great to meet you at Wealden. We’d love to have you for a talk at Canterbury Christ Church – I’ve sent an email to your agent outlining details. Hope to hear from you!

    • Many thanks Sonia. I have just got back from a writing course so saw the e-mail from Joanna today. I am happy to do this and have put your suggested date in my diary. I think Joanna is going to reply confirming formally.

  3. Hi Carol
    I absolutely loved your book, on the Marshes and would love to come on one of your walks.
    Please can you send me the dates and venues of your planned walks for 2019 ?
    Thank you

    • Hi Helen, Thanks for getting in touch and letting me know you enjoyed the book. I have been a bit busy over the last few weeks and haven’t yet put together any plans for walks for this year. Once I do I’ll be back in touch and advertise some walks through this website.

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