Not so pretty now.


filmmaker Luke Gardener being inspired.

Why is it that whenever I take someone out to the North Kent Marshes to impress upon them the beauty and importance of the landscape it pours of rain? A few years ago I took my agent, Joanna Swainson and her partner out to show them this place I wanted to write about and the weather was dismal, the farm looked a mess and the meal in the local pub was so salty it was inedible. Despite this unpromising start she saw the potential and took me and my book on.

Today it happens again. I take out the guy who is going to be shooting the promotional video to accompany the publication of my book, ‘On The Marshes’ to the RSPB’s Northward Hill reserve. He has read my descriptions of a world apart, a landscape of value, a place which is special and should be protected and is inspired. Today, however,┬áthe reserve, is bleak and flat and grey, the farmyard, a muddy hole, the birds…out there…somewhere. Still, Luke, the filmmaker is keen. He can see it, that this place is different, it has a feeling all of its own that casts a spell even on a dreary early spring day.

We will, come back, when the sun is out, the skies, majestic and the birds singing. I want people to see the marshes as I see it. Not as a place to dump airports and car parks and ‘garden’ cities but as a rare gem which needs to be kept untouched as a place of sanctuary for us all.