Yarrow Tea recipe

no it's not gillyweed but almost as magical.

no it’s not gillyweed but almost as magical.

November is here, it’s raining outside and everyone seems to have gone down with a cold. Make sure it isn’t you by trying out this recipe for Yarrow Tea.

Yarrow has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb for everything from healing the wounds of men in battle, curing toothache to warding off bad luck. Yarrow also contains anti-inflammatory chemicals and makes a good insecticide.

yarrow flowers

yarrow flowers

To Make Yarrow Tea.

pick fresh yarrow leaves which are widely found in meadows and verges all over the UK. Make sure the area hasn’t been sprayed with any chemicals or messages from passing canines!

Dry the leaves by hanging them upside down which makes the oils flow down to the tips

yarrow leaves ready for drying

yarrow leaves ready for drying

Store the leaves in a glass jar covered with brown paper

take a couple of leaves, steep them in hot water and add a spoonful of sugar, honey or rosehip syrup for extra cold busting power.

It looks like something Harry Potter would be made to drink but is actually pleasantly aromatic.