Dode Church

interior dode churchTook a beautiful walk this weekend up and down the hills around Luddesdown in the Medway Valley in Kent.

In the middle of our ramble we discovered Dode Church, a tiny Norman church sitting on a mound close to a place called Holly Hill, undoubtedly once a site of pagan worship.

exterior dode churchThe church was abandoned along with the village following the Black Death in 1349 but was restored and is now in private ownership and used for weddings and occasional public events.

alter dode churchTo our delight the door opened and we walked into a magical scene of the tiny building flooded in candle light. The floor was covered in straw and herbs and the benches with sheepskins. It was truly like stepping back in time and just the pinnacle of an excellent walk.

In the valley below we found a authentic looking stone circle. Not the real McCoy I’m afraid but it proved a good venue for a bit of impromptu Morris Dancing led by my friend who is part of Liberty Morris Dancers. morris dancing 1 (2)

Perspective brides, arriving to view the venue were no doubt a little perplexed by our antics and failed to offer us a booking for their weddings.