Faversham Literary Festival

Faversham_Lit_Fest_logo1000x.pngI am hugely looking forward to taking part in Faversham Literary Festival next weekend. Where I will be interviewed by my friend Peter Saxton. I’m afraid Peter and I are a sell out gig so no tickets are available but many thanks to everyone who has bought one. There are lots of other great writers to come and see during the festival which runs from Friday 23rd-Sunday 25th February so check out the website and come along.



On the Marshes extract.

9 walking the sea wall

Walking the coast of Sheppey on a chilly day,

Read an extract of On the Marshes at Longshore Drift in which I entertain fantasies of being in Wuthering Heights and bless bird hides while walking the coast of Sheppey on a rainy day.



Inside Outside

The woods around Canterbury are dotted with the tents of people sleeping rough but BBC One’s Inside Out programme chose to visit two really interesting examples of enterprising people living outdoors. Homeless is a label that covers a huge range of circumstances but this report shows that, for some people, outdoor living is a life choice.


New Nature Magazine review.

Josh bird watching on Stoke Marshes

looking to the future

New Nature is an online magazine aimed at people under thirty who care about wildlife and the countryside. This is exactly the audience I would most like to connect with and be read by (although I’m delighted to be read by everyone) but I do place all my hope in what follows me. Many thanks to Ben Eagle for his great review which you can read here