A Merry Perambulation – Part Two


At Cockham Wood Fort near Hoo St Werburgh

Part two of A Memory Perambulation, an account of a walk  in the footsteps of William Hogarth across North Kent, is now available to read at the online magazine Longshore Drift


A Merry Perambulation

merry perambulatorsIn 2012 I set out across the North Kent Marshes with a group of friends to following in the footsteps of the artist William Hogarth who had gone on a grand tour from Gravesend to Sheppey in 1732.

The result was, ‘A Merry Perambulation,’ a  light-hearted account of a walk through a changing landscape.

Originally commissioned for Kent’s Coastal Week, the book is now being serialised in four instalments in the new online magazine Longshore Drift.

To read my account of the journey follow the link to the magazine.

A merry perambulation

Longshore Drift


photo by MLP

Longshore Drift is a new online magazine published jointly by the Medway Swale Estuary Partnership and Longshore Editions. Its primary focus is the landscape of the north Kent marshes, with occasional diversions into areas of related interest. They welcome submissions from writers, artists, filmmakers, photographers, musicians and craftspeople, who can inspire our readers to explore, understand and appreciate the importance of the area.

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