In the bleak midwinter.

winter sunset and bonfireIt hasn’t been the best of weeks. I managed to cut my head open by dropping a vacuum cleaner on top of me on Monday which resulted in blood pouring down my face in a scene reminiscent of the film Carrie.

On Tuesday I found out that my plans for expanding my farming advice to encompass the whole of North Kent had been stoppedĀ  in their tracks due to lack of funds and on Wednesday I found myself in the unlikely position of cheering on a Tory prime minister as some seriously nasty wolves circled her.

However, today, once again, the world and all it’s worries was put in its proper place as I headed out to the woods with my gang for a day of coppicing hazel trees, creating a bonfire and having a winter feast. It sets the world right, it puts all fears in their place, it reminds you of what is true and real in the chaos.

It is the alchemy of the woods and the work, a bonfire and the company of people who make you feel you belong that takes a bleak midwinter day and makes it shine golden.