CPRE win victory in battle with developers

Dover-Farthingloe-from-Mount-Road-Vic-030Fabulous news today as the Campaign to Protect Rural England won a landmark victory at the Supreme Court to prevent a development in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The developers, who wanted to build over 500 homes and a retirement village in the beautiful countryside around Farthingloe near Dover in Kent, were supported by Dover District Council and local MP Charlie Elphicke, who was recently suspended from duty after allegations of sexual misconduct.

Despite Charlie Elphicke’s outburst in which he claimed the Supreme Court had put the views of an out of touch campaign group over the needs of local people, the supreme court felt that Dover District Council had not give adequate reasons for granting planning to the developers in the first place.

Well done CPRE for seeing this through and taking action against inappropriate developments and councils who appear too often in the pockets of the money men behind these hideous housing estates.

It is Charlie Elphicke that is out of touch with what is really happening in his constituency if he believes that any of the jobless youth of Dover, an area where unemployment has soared, could ever afford one of the houses that the developers would have built in this beautiful area of countryside.