Dreaming of Butterflies

So many butterflies at Queendown Warren in Kent on a warm Bank Holiday Monday, they spun before my eyes as I fell asleep.

marjoren and wild flowers at Queendown Warren

Marjoram, knapweed and harebells at Queensdown Warren. A good source of nectar for butterflies


Chalkhill blue

Chalkhill Blue

Brown Argus Queensdown Warren

Hundreds of Brown Argus were laying eggs yesterday


Silver spotted skippers were harder to spot but this one was obliging.

adonis blue butterfly

The eye popping Adonis Blue is easier to see.

small copper on marjoram

My favourite butterfly, a Small Copper, the only one I have seen this year.

Autumn ladies tresses Queendown Warren

It is easy to miss this tiny orchid while enjoying the butterflies but Autumn Ladies Tresses is one of the speciality plants of the site.

Around the corner and down the road.

top of Darland Banks

Entering Darland Banks,  Kent

A short hop from the local shopping centre is the fabulous Kent Wildlife Trust site of Darland Banks. A great place for orchids and butterflies, including the Adonis blue. I gave up trying to get a photo of one but did manage to snap these other beauties.


bee and burnet on knapweed.jpg

Bee and Burnet Moth

common blue.jpg

Common blue


Brimstone feeding on scabious

unknown moth.jpg

Not as colourful but still beautiful, a little moth






Butterfly sex

By nottsexminer (Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly  Uploaded by Fæ)

By nottsexminer (Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly Uploaded by Fæ)

Hurrah, I have finally managed 10 different species of butterfly in my garden, the last being a small tortoiseshell which floated past my buddleia before rejecting it out of hand and hurrying over the fence to next door. Still, no matter, it counts.

Also had some rampant butterfly sex taking place among the ornamental grasses between an aging and very ragged large white and her sprightly lover who performed a little flittering, pirouette dance before her while she graciously lifted her abdomen. He soon scarpered but she hung around for a while, thinking the whole thing over, no doubt.

The list of butterflies now reads thus;

large white, green veined white, holly blue, meadow brown, gatekeeper, painted lady, peacock, Essex skipper, comma, small tortoiseshell

What has been flying through your garden lately?