vodka bottle and cossack boot glasses 001click on the link to view the article

Wanderlust Magazine – Vodka and Wolves in Russia

In Russia the old ways are slowly giving way to the new, but after many shots of the local brew and patting the wildlife, who’s counting.

photo Carol Donaldson



BBC Wildlife Magazine – Nature Writer of the year 2010 – A wild night at the Railway pub

It’s Saturday night and all life both human and animal comes out to play


BBC Wildlife Magazine – Travel Writer of the Year 2011 – At night on the road in Australia

Cruising the outback roads at night, Carol Donaldson learns how to spot wildlife and alert Bill to the presence of quolls, bandicoots and wallabies. But, one day, Bill doesn’t swerve and she discovers that not everything has an equal right to life in Australia.

illustration Tim Marrs


The Telegraph – Dancing sheep in Westmorland

backcombed sheep doing the two step! What’s going on at the Westmorland County Show?

photo Alamy

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