On the Marshes walk

14 collapsed and dans dock

The hair’s gone crazy but the scenery’s atmospheric at Dan’s Dock on the Isle of Sheppey.

On the Marshes Walk,
August 10th 2019,
10.00am – 12.00pm,
Elmley Nature Reserve
As part of the Sheppey Shorelines Festival I am taking a morning stroll around this lesser known part of the Elmley Nature Reserve. Join me as I relive my daddy-long-leg horror on Elmley Hill and tell you a little about the history and wildlife of this lesser known corner of Sheppey.
The walk is free but the Elmley Conservation Trust request a £5 parking charge.
Booking Essential – email msep@medway.gov.uk to book a place.

5 thoughts on “On the Marshes walk

  1. I shall be coming ☺️. I’m already a ‘ friend of Elmley ‘ so I won’t need to pay. I love it round there.

    • I wasn’t sure where to put this but I was over a Bluewater today. Not my favourite place but I love the Waterstones there. And guess what book 📚 had its own stand sitting pride of place in the nature section
      ‘On The Marshes ‘ . 👍☺️

      • Many thanks for letting me know. Waterstones have been great with the book, particularly the bluewater branch. The young staff tell me that they are all buying the book for their dads!

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