War on Plastic

P1040203Inspired by the BBC One programme, War on Plastic, I took great delight in giving all my single use plastic back to Asda yesterday.

Asda are one of the worst offenders and I don’t often shop there, choosing instead to get my veggies from the farm shop down the road, but not everyone has the luxury of time to do this.

Our supermarkets need to take responsibility for the role they play in creating plastic waste. Listen up Asda. I don’t want recycled plastic or compostable plastic I just don’t want the plastic in the first place. Sell things loose and let me bag them up myself

Please send a similar message to your supermarket and post a picture to #ourplasticfeedback.

2 thoughts on “War on Plastic

  1. Hello Carol,
    Such a good thing some of us are attempting to reduce plastic in our lives. Such a difficult objective. Recently worried about freezing surplus food I wondered how this could be done without plastic containers or bags. Apparently you ca freeze in glass jars. It might be hit and miss until you find the right jars and know how. Will be giving it a go.
    Have just bought your book on the Marshes for a friends birthday. We love water and I lovely wildlife. I will be finding a copy for myself once have finished the five books in my reading pile. Looking forward to reading it.
    I live in Kent and garden in a wonderfully garden in Cranbook. So always surrounded by wildlife.
    Carry on the great work.
    Kind regards

    • It is so very hard to do without plastic. I’m a long way from plastic free but the War on Plastic programme really made me want to do more. I think putting pressure on the supermarkets is the way to go. Good luck with your glass jars and I hope you enjoy reading the book. I know what it’s like to have a big reading pile. I’m still making my way through my Christmas books.

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