Nature Notes, a working weekend at the Othona Community.

For my latest video diary I head over to Bradwell on Sea in Essex to spend a weekend with the Othona Community. I discovered this place a few years ago and it has become an important place in my life that always leaves me feeling restored.


6 thoughts on “Nature Notes, a working weekend at the Othona Community.

  1. Lovely video Carol, revealing the open Community where anyone is welcome to chill out. I spent many happy times, sometimes months, staying at the adjacent Bradwell Bird Observatory and I love the place and have met lifelong friends there. The whole coast has an other worldliness feel, far removed from the Essex rat race. You can walk south down the sea wall and after a mile you will probably not meet another person all the way to Burnham Upon Crouch, 10 miles away. Great saltmarshes and mudflats, especially full of bird in the winter. a wilderness experience only 50 miles from London. The farmland is largely intensive arable unfortunately.
    Nice to see Jonny Aldridge speaking about renewable energy, he is as chipper as ever. I didn’t know they are off grid, despite spending lots of time around the place.

  2. Hi Barry, Glad you enjoyed the video. It would be lovely to see you there at some point and we can share our secret Essex places to escape to.

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