Nature Notes – A dusk walk at Northward Hill.

Join me for a stroll at dusk across the RSPB reserve at Northward Hill in Kent where I reminisce in the cherry orchard and hope to catch a glimpse of the spectacular rook roost.


5 thoughts on “Nature Notes – A dusk walk at Northward Hill.

  1. hello carol i am just reading your book and really enjoying it. I live over in walderslade and must confess i have never walked around cooling etc, i am planning on rectifying that soon. I just wander though my walking companion is a cocker spaniel, im not brave enough like you to do it on my own. are dogs allowed on the reserve.

    • Hi Tracey, Thanks for reading the book and I am very glad it has made you want to explore the marshes. Dogs are allowed on the Saxon Shore Way which runs across Northward Hill but not on parts of the reserve close to where all the lapwing and redshank are currently breeding. This is because the birds will see a dog as a predator and waste energy moving away from it or be deterred from feeding. This is the most important time for these birds, they have such a short window to get it right and it is really helpful if your dog is on a lead in the countryside during the spring. Dogs can be walked around Cliffe Pools reserve and you can get some fantastic views of the marshes and the Thames from the footpath at the top of Northward Hill, where nightingales will be calling before long. I hope you enjoy your trip.

  2. Thankyou Carol, i am planning on going over soon, now i know where i can walk. Maybe one day i will be brave enough to go on my own to get into the reserve i wouldnt want to scare the birds at all. I have wanted for years to go to the woods where the nightingales are but wouldnt dare go in the woods on my own at night.

  3. Hi Tracey, do visit the reserve but maybe not at night. I don’t think the RSPB encourage it and it is easy to get lost if you don’t know where you’re going. The nightingales sing in the daytime as well as the evening. The reserve at Cliffe Pools is another good place to hear them.

  4. I will go during the day. When i go i will ask the best place to hear them. Im just reading another book about the history of the Nk marshes. Fascinating how they were and how people lived on them, its so sad how much they have changed.

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