4 thoughts on “Happiness is….An unexpected house guest.

  1. How wonderful!
    Thank goodness, no grouse moorlands (dr.gr.sh) nearby, else this lovely animal would have been blasted / trapped or poisoned into oblivion well before your privileged sighting.

    • Predator control is a complicated issue. Foxes are shot on lots of land, not just moorland. There is no denying that foxes have an impact on ground nesting birds and where these birds are in sharp decline, such as lapwings, fox control might be the only way currently of ensuring chicks survive. The difference with grouse moors is that here red grouse are being farmed at huge densities for ‘sport’. The real solution is to have landscape scale conservation so predators and prey can co-exist. That is ultimately what I am trying to do with my farmer advisory work, encourage farmers to manage land for waders to compliment the work done on reserves. In places like Sheppey we are getting there. Almost the whole south of the island is now managed for lapwing and possibly in the future predator control will not need to be so stringent here as there will be enough pairs of lapwing to defend themselves against the intentions of our chap above.

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