Lapwings at Catcott


To start the new year I thought you would enjoy this beautiful film of lapwings at Catcott filmed by Bevis Bowden which will be screened later this year at Nature Matters

I am publishing this film for all the lapwing of the North Kent Marshes in the hope that I will be lucky enough to expand my work with the farmers and help to create conditions where these beautiful birds can thrive.


2 thoughts on “Lapwings at Catcott

  1. Beautiful and very atmospheric, lapwing flocks are so special and can create wonderful winter atmospheres with their flights and calls. The music also is great. Lets hope that farmers hear their calls too and call you in for some Springtime jaunts (is that rude?).

    I was over at Elmley a couple of weeks ago and the sky was full of lapwings and golden plovers, upset by peregrines to perform their dance across the sky.
    Happy 2019 Carol…. and keep on blogging……

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