Hunting for peregrine’s in The Guardian


trying to spot peregrines near the ford

Spotting peregrine’s near’Bakers’s’ford

Today’s Guardian online features my article on peregrine hunting in Essex

4 thoughts on “Hunting for peregrine’s in The Guardian

  1. Hetty Saunders ( referred to in your Guardian article) – has a book night @ Waterstones here, scheduled for 21st March @ 6.30. I assume she’ll be reading and discussing her biographical quest for J A Baker – detailed in her book released last November “ My House of Sky “, about which your old friend, – Mr Macfarlane- sings its praises!
    Good to hear Faversham went well!

    • The Biography, of which I have a copy if you want to borrow it, has some interesting stuff in it but in some ways I prefer the man as a mystery and sometimes I think the art and the artist stand apart from each other.

      • I already have a copy, thanks. Yes, agree with you –J.A.B best left a mystery.
        He’s a magician with words, and like a true magician, never reveals “his hand”.
        With the help of “My House of Sky”, one can ascertain the “what” behind his writing. However, one can only speculate as to the “why”, which makes “The Peregrine” so timeless and enduring.

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