Things the Americans do better – bike transport.

Action Bus Bike racksMiami, I am discovering, is not a green city.

From the air it sprawls for miles and on the ground it is little better. Every inch appears to be concreted over, the car is king, plastic bags are forced on you in every shop and few people, it seems, are doing anything to change their resource consuming lifestyle.

It is a stressful place, alien to life, both human and animal. STILL, there is one area in which they are ahead of the game. Buses in Miami have cycle racks strapped to their noses.

It is a little disconcerting at first to see a bike balanced precariously on the front of a bus, it’s owners shoes tied to the front basket dangling out and swaying in time to the city traffic but how great would it be to have this service at home? How often have I cycled to a train station, thinking I had a few stops until home, only to find that scourge of British transport, the rail replacement bus service, operating instead offering no room for cyclists?

A bus with a bike rack would be welcomed by millions of British cyclists, I am sure and make our public transport integrated. In many ways America seems shockingly behind the world when it comes to the environment but it is getting this one thing right.

2 thoughts on “Things the Americans do better – bike transport.

  1. This such a good idea. Sadly the bus companies and authorities in Kent and no doubt nationwide, would come come up with numerious reason for not entertaining such a great idea.

    But it would be so useful for people that want to visit more remote area’s that are a little beyond their cycling capabilities. The potential increase of revenue from increased visitors to local areas, increased health benefits from a more active lifestyle, a potential decrease in traffic and it’s associated polutents can only be a good thing. With train services often shut down or restricted at weekends this should be alternative mode that could offer so much to so many.

    From Swanscombe where i live i can currently get a bus to Sevenoaks, when Arriva run it that is, and if this scheme was available on that service i could then cycle from the town centre to places like Hever Castle or further afield. This would be fantastic. If i were to do this now it would mean a tortuous train journey of several routes and hours and then i would be so fed up i would not want to cycle.

    Transport planners dream up cycle routes but i have yet to see this bike bus anywhere else which could provide a great alternative. It would not be to hard to implement, if the vision is promoted properly and the people in charge have the right vision.

    For example, Just imagine being able to get a bike bus from Maidstone to Rochester or Higham and then cycling the Hoo Peninsular and taking in the magic that is the north Kent Marshes. Bliss.

  2. I am totally in agreement but the endless increase in the cost of public transport never seems to equate to better facilities for passengers, especially for those travelling at weekends.

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