Rain, Rain, Come again.

rainy streamAm I the only person loving this recent bout of wet weather? ‘Bring on the rain,’ I say. Rivers in the south east of England desperately need it and flooded fields are great for waders such as lapwing.



4 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Come again.

  1. Totally agree with you. Steady rain rather than storms allows it to soak in slowly and not cause to much flooding which is what we need. Plus with all the house building going on we need to start building more water recycling within new builds to save water. A new resoviour would be good as well but if we can’t fill the ones we have now its not looking good. Stop people also block paving gardens as well. Have a drive by all means but do it with water consevation in mind.

    • I agree with you. Southern Water are pumping water out of the Medway to fill Bewl Reservoir but I can’t help feeling they could do far more to help people conserve water, issuing free water butts and devising ways we could flush our loos with the water running off our hard surfaces and into the gutters.

  2. You are certainly not the only person! Waterlogged fields have a beauty and an ecological value all their own. I don’t even mind the odd flooded lane. I’ve enjoyed following your blog since discovering it last year, and look forward to more in 2018.

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