Ghost Hunting

Been tracking peregrines in Essex with JA Baker helped by the references in My House Of Sky, an autobiography of his life written by Hetty Saunders and published by Little Toller. My idea of a perfect day, a bike, a good book, a thermos and some beautiful countryside to cycle through.

ghost hunting equipment

Ghost hunting equipment

heading out to hunt peregrines

Gracies Walk

Grace’s Walk

the ford

The Ford where Baker’s peregrines bathed.

trying to spot peregrines near the ford

hunting peregrine outside Chelmsford


5 thoughts on “Ghost Hunting

  1. Hello Carol.

    Did you have any luck seeing any peregrines on your day out. I have the book but it is in a box of books so I will save it for the summer. I only seen one from afar and evidence of a bird strike in my garden once. It’s all about seeking there favoured terrain h*nting ground and settling in for a watching session. Scanning the skyline and the trees for signs of them makes for a relaxing time. Did you cycle all the way or did you use the little passenger ferry across from Gravesend to Tiilbury or was it a part car part bike trip.

    What is the Elmley Marshes like for this majestic bird, a bit to open or ideal. It’s been a while since I was last down there. I love Owens but seeing them is even harder than peregrines. Again it’s a case of seeking the favoured haunts and waiting.

    I watch H is for Hawk for the second time over Christmas with Helene McDonald. She comes across so well on TV. A lovely story and one that everyone should see.

    I also see your making an appearance at the Faversham lit festival. I must try and come down for that. Could incorporate a walk around the creek afterwards which would be a good idea.

    Enjoy the nature enjoy the New Year and let’s all do a bit more for nature and wildlife and less for the developers……


    • Hi Richard, I drove across to Danbury I’m afraid and then cycled. It would be a pretty epic cycle from North Kent out that way and I’m not sure I’m that fit. Elmley’s great for peregrines. I’ve seen them there a few times. It’s also great for short eared owls at this time of year as well. Be good to see you at the Faversham Literary festival.

    • There was a fair bit of snow that way over Christmas. I was meant to be heading over to Gore saltings that day, another Baker haunt, but I’m not as hardy as he was and the snow kept me indoors I’m afraid.

  2. Enjoyed your Guardian article today on this subject. A shame it’s not available on their website to share. As a Little Baddow resident, I can assure you that peregrines are to be found. Two years ago I disturbed one, quite close up, in a bush by the roadside, while I was out running. I had to look it up!
    A good location for spotting large birds is Postmans Lane. There is a footpath at the top, to the left, that goes through some open fields between the woodlands, into the extensive Essex Wildlife Trust area.

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