Development Company threaten endangered species.


turtle dove

Here we go again. Back on the merry-go-round that is the current planning system as another development company propose to destroy a wildlife rich site home to endangered species.

Gleeson Strategic Land are proposing to build 121 houses and the normal associated roads and car parks over a site which is currently home to the UK’s fastest declining bird, the turtle dove. This bird, already threatened with global extinction, will come one step closer to it once the site in Berengrave Road in Rainham, Kent is stripped of the scrubland the birds need to breed.

The site is currently a tapestry of native woodland, grassland and scrub and home to slow worms, common lizards, bats and badgers but, as always, this means nothing to the men who wish to tear it up for a quick profit.

The site is in the perfect location to provide a natural corridor for our native wildlife, adjacent to a community woodland and close to SSSI’s. It could provide a much needed green lung for our every expanding towns. It could be managed as part of the community woodland and provide a resource for local schools. Or it could, as is happening at a every increasing rate, be ripped apart to create yet another ugly housing estate with a minimum of affordable houses for local people.

Medway Council must take a tougher stance and say no to these developments if we are to have any green space left. It must put housing in town centres. It must make development 100% affordable for local people. It must make developers pay long term for local amenity and countryside management instead of being allowed to throw up badly designed houses, inconvenience everyone with roadworks and clog up roads with traffic.

It must give more protection to our fast declining wildlife not just turtle doves but sparrows, hedgehogs, bullfinches and bumblebees, all of which will suffer from this development. If the council does not begin to reject these developments and all the subsequent appeals then more of our wildlife will slip off the face of the local map.


4 thoughts on “Development Company threaten endangered species.

  1. I’m not sure how Carol is feeling tight now but angry is one emotion no doubt. When I first read this I felt a few tears in my eyes. Why is there so much greed around, why do people want to concrete over everything. Look at our towns, there is space for housing if derelict houses are refurbished, brownfield sites used and sites that have been brought by developers actually used rather than lying empty.

    I recently had a damn good arguement with a so called community contact around the Ebsfleet pinninsulu development. When I said why ruin such a great piece of marshland at Swanscombe Marshes by building on it, it’s a natural flood plan for god’s sake he said we can build it up the defences and there will be a bit left so you can walk around the edge of the theme park they plan, how wonderful I said when there is a whole marsh I can do that on now. Does the wildlife know this ! What a idiot. The area can’t cope now, thousands of houses are being built, roads are not, traffic is a nightmare at times and pollution is bad. I could go on about this but it makes me so angry. Medway is like this.

    Then there is the looming solar panel Farm on from land at seas alter but that is another battle to discuss and fight later.

    I hope this development gets stopped, really I do, as I have only ever seen one Turtle Dove and it is a glorious bird and If the opportunities for others to see such a wonderful bird are lost due to so called “housing needs” the human race is a disgrace and people should hang there heads in shame.

    I cried because I care, and I’m angry, and we need nature to survive so we as humans can survive. We arre no more entitled to be on planet earth than the wildlife.

  2. Hi Richard. Totally understand your anger and frustration at this destruction and the ridiculous ‘mitigation’ options that developers and their environmental consultant henchmen come up with. I increasingly feel that nature is getting squeezed out of the south east despite the fact that our marshes and scrub are a stronghold for many rare birds and we should be celebrating this not picking away at our countryside. Maybe your contact should consider that is is highly unlikely that sea defences will be maintained in the same way in the future as they are now and the houses built on coastal floodplains are going to be in the front line for flooding and become a burden on councils for every more.

  3. On Meridan news tonight,(Tuesday) they were talking about HS1 and how popular it has become. They then spoke to residents blighted by it. Then then went on about the Ebbfleet Garden Cityand the Swanscombe Pininuslar and the theme park. It wa all smiles and haven’t we done well etc. No mention of destroying wildlife, overburdening local roads increasing pollution etc. They even have a display at the station bless em.

    They are building in two big estates near me Castle Hill And Ebsfleet Green. Now you would have thought they would have created purpose built cycle paths to encourage cycling to nearby Swanscombe Station And Ebsfleet International (what a stupid name) have they hell. So people get in there tin cans and drive a mile or so down the road and take up all the parking spaces in the local car park which is meant for local cummuinity to use rather than block the high street with bad parking and they also park in all the surrounding residential street. Residents can’t park anywhere at times. They even park across crossing points !

    You would think that all the house would have to have solar panels installed and waste water recycling built in rather than overburden the services but no they don’t because as matey from the community consultation team said it’s not laid down by central government so we don’t have to or can’t make them as it cannot be enforced. I’m sure the council can make stipulations as part of the planning development criteria. Or are they scared they may lose friends and their favours.

    So whilst all the new houses spring up, that local people cannot afford, and look symmetrical and tidy for now more land is being developed. At one stage the local residents and council were promised that Eastern Quarry would be returned to woodland as it was prior to quarrying, never happened but bless the developers as they will or so they say, provide a few allotments, some playgrounds and a park with some trees. What would we do without them.

    When I go on my daily walk tomorrow I hope to see some nice wildlife whilst I still can.

  4. These developments are enough to make you despair and I agree laws need to be changed to make developers accountable in the long term to communities by subsidising local transport and supplying solar panels. All around us these building sites are springing up and then the developers are gone with the money in their pocket and leave behind nothing of worth to local communities. However, do get out and see the local wildlife. We need to see that there is still beauty and wildlife spectacles in this area or it will just become too depressing to live here. Go see the rook roost at Northward Hill or the dunlin out on the river.

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