Homes of Desire – Part 5


This week I visited Dr Vish, in the woodland home shared with his partner and experienced home envy once again.

I was envious at the woodland turning to autumn and the deer coming to visit. Envious at the pattern on the canvas sides as I sat on the bed made of pallets and foam and Vish obligingly danced around outside showering the tent with handfuls of leaves and a kaleidoscope of woodland life played across the walls and made me laugh. Envious that that they had found a spot to live this life and I had not.

I was envious of their youth and energy. That they could hack three months in a tent, chop wood, cycle miles to work, survive on a diet of foraged apples and, in Vish’s own words, “crotch washes.”

Mostly I was envious that they were doing it, living a life close to nature in the woods. That he had dreamed it up one weekend on a camping trip in Devon, had a partner who wanted it too, had asked around, taken the risk, made it a reality.

Over green tea and satsumas we dreamed some more, of owning land, of creating a place of peace where others could connect back with the earth. Our own personal dreams feeding off each other.

Vish said my life in the caravan had inspired them, that he and his girlfriend Prag had hope in the fact that someone almost 20 years older than them had not succumbed to expectations but still attempted to live a life true to their values but really the admiration was all mine.

Their youth, their energy, their ideals, their dreams made mine a bit closer to being fulfilled.

4 thoughts on “Homes of Desire – Part 5

  1. Sometimes the non western lifestyle of living gives the most enlightenment where things are appreciated for their simplicityand using nature to energise the mind body and soul.

    Dr Vish and Prag seem wonderful people living their lives as they chose too and get so much from it.



  2. They are wonderful people but it is tough to go against the grain. Most people just follow the ‘prescribed’ path in life and if you step off of that you come in for plenty of criticism.

  3. That’s why people like Dr Vish and yourself, who has lived a similar life in your caravan for a while, have such a good outlook to life because you have felt that special touch that nature can provide if you let it touch you.

  4. I think that even the most urban person feels the benefits of nature if they take the time to get out into it. If nature were part of everyone’s everyday lives as it used to be then the rate of mental illness would probably be much lower.

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