Lodge Hill Planning Application withdrawn

bridge one

The woods are lovely, dark and deep but I have miles to go before I can sleep easy over this one.

Great news yesterday that the planning application which proposed 5000 houses on one of the best nightingale sites in the countryside has been withdrawn.

Lodge Hill, a SSSI woodland and former MOD site is a fabulous local resource for wildlife and people. Purple emperor butterflies have recently been discovered breeding there and early purple orchids grow along the damp shady paths.

Despite all of this the site was earmarked for development. A position championed by Medway Council. 12,000 people protested, spearheaded by the RSPB’s Save Lodge Hill campaign and now the developer, if not the council, has listened to local people and withdrawn its plans.

This is great news but we all know the way these things go. Tomorrow I fear will come another application and then another and another. One ‘No’ is never enough. Developers attempt to wear people down. Planners have no fight left in them even when they know developments are wrong and the government does nothing of any real worth to protect our countryside and resolve the housing issues by capping prices in London and making sure all new developments are 100% affordable.

Shame on Simon Jones Medway Council’s leader for condemning the developer for pulling out. For once common sense has prevailed and today at least Lodge Hill is safe.


6 thoughts on “Lodge Hill Planning Application withdrawn

  1. Such wonderful news but like many planning applications more will follow. And as most people assume the brown envelopes move in ever increasing circles etc.

    If this site could turned into a national reserve with full public access this would be wonderful as so many people would visit. I challenge Kent Wildlife Trust, RSPB, Woodland Trusts et al to put their personal/politely views aside and work together on this and protect this oasis for the wildlife.

    Well done to all of those who voiced their views, pats on the back all round, but be prepared for another battle soon.

    • I quite agree. In an ideal world the MOD and it’s development company would admit defeat and give the land as a legacy to the RSPB. Like you though, I fear I don’t live in this world.

  2. It’s a chance for the developers MOD and locally elected council folk/MP’ to say ” hey we were wrong, we have listened and we will give our support to the future of this land be9ng a reserve and we will financial help”. this would make everyone look good and North Kent can remain that bit greener and people can gain the benefit of a wonderful open space for their physical and mental wellbeing. This is worth more than any house.

    What about running it as a community reserve run by the people for the people ? I’m sur it can be done as it has elsewhere.

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