Community Woodland under threat from developers

Bloors Lane Community Woodland

Not content with destroying our wildlife rich brownfield sites and scrublands, developers are now after our community woodlands. A company called Gleeson Strategic Land Limited is proposing a development of 121 houses on Bloors Lane Community Woodland an important site for wildlife and local people.

If developments like this are allowed to go ahead then it will green light a raft of proposals to develop local nature reserves and country parks.

The company claim the woodland is under used. Under used by who? It is a valuable resource for hedgehogs, field voles and woodland birds struggling to survive as our countryside and their routes through it are swallowed up by concrete.

Medway Council should do the right thing and stop this proposal before it even has the chance to get started.


8 thoughts on “Community Woodland under threat from developers

  1. Yes there is a need for housing, the majority of people understand this but why at the expense of a community woodland.

    Would building these houses help the mental wellbeing and physical health of the people who use the woods for walking who may find this woodland their little sanctury of peace and calm ? I think the answer is no.

    Would building these house help the wildlife that use it for their survival and is their home ? No is the answer.

    Even though I live out the area it is important that this is protested against as it is just the start of even more destruction of our precious natural land which nature needs which in turn our human life needs.

    I’m sick of developers trying to earn an easy buck and taking the easy option of building on land that does not need to be destroyed. The excuses of no where else to build is crap as there is plenty of places around.

  2. I totally agree. I applaud the building of low cost housing in towns. This is what people need but developers are allowed to destroy important sites for communities and wildlife and build 4 bedroom houses with a minimum amount of affordable housing in sites with no public transport links. How can this be sustainable? There are plenty of offers in town centres to build on industrial sites and redevelop our existing housing stock without the need to destroy wildlife site.

  3. This is a bug bear of mine as well. The mix of housing units in out of preportion. They build to many big houses but not enough affordable houses /flats which are needed more in my view. But affordability is a sticky wicket and cannot be quntified easily. What one person deems afforble another does not. If it based on salary’s it should be based on an annual salary at minimum wage pay rates as this is what a lot of companies pay.

    They should also stop people/companies buying whole blocks of new build flats for rental as the rents are then way to high and this is not morally right. This is just pure greed by individuals who only see money in front of their eyes and not human life.

    Each development should also have a community garden or even better make it a growing space for vegetables to give people the chance of growing fresh food.

    Encourage the use of public transport and better still cycling. Provide secure cycle storage in blocks of flats as new flats are very small. Develops need to think outside the box and think more about the value of external factors apart from the housing itself that affect the wellbeing of the human life and that of nature if green spaces within the developments are devised and planned properly.

    • You are so right. I was really impressed with the developments in Hamburg where flats come with an allotment and cyclist have right of way. Developers in this country have politicians in their pockets and are destroying our countryside while not providing what the country really needs.

  4. Hello,

    I am writing on behalf of Gleeson Developments Limited and we have noted your comments in relation to the development proposals. We would be happy to discuss the emerging proposals with you as we have recently undertaken a public consultation with the local community. We did however wish to clarify that the proposed development does not involve the development of the Bloors Lane Community Woodland. The development site in question is located immediately next to the community woodland and does not propose any loss to the woodland itself.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

    • Dear Andrew, Thanks for getting in touch. I received the consultation document through my door and from the map it appeared that the development was on the community woodland so I apologise if I have misunderstood your proposals. I would still not be in favour of this development but would be happy to discuss the matter with you. I will contact you on your email which you kindly supplied.

  5. Not everyone in the area has received a consultation leaflet and map. I live in Hawthorne Avenue not far from the Community Woodland and use the area a lot. Our area has not been leafleted. I would also be against the development. Just reading your book by the way. Absolutely brilliant! Love the marshes and their wild strangeness if that makes sense.

    • Hi Rob,

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the book and yes, wild strangeness makes absolute sense. The developer got in touch and left his e-mail address (look at other comments) so it might be worth telling them that you would be opposed to their proposal. I feel incredibly sad that so much of our countryside in Medway is being concreted over.

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