On the Marshes review

9 Kingsnorth powerstation

Another interesting review of my book, On the Marshes. I love the fact that it’s inspiring people to want to visit the area and interesting to see which parts of the book they choose to talk about. This reviewer enjoys the scene in which I get trapped on an island in October with a rising tide and have to be rescued by a lifeboat. I was a little preoccupied to take a picture at that moment so here is a shot of the river from Darnet Island on a quieter day.

2 thoughts on “On the Marshes review

  1. That is a nice review Carol, from a very prolific reviewer. It is Interesting that she refers to Amy Liptrot’s memoir ‘The Outrun’ as maybe ‘leading the way’ in ‘tell-it-like-it-is-honesty’ which characterises your book. I think that this open approach is beguiling and an antidote to watering down experiences and happenings, some of which were not pleasant or honourable, you are both brave women.
    As you know, I lived in Orkney for 5 years and love the place, Amy describes why it holds such a powerful presence for those who have experinced its wild wonder and power. Coincidentaly, I know Amy, or have met her a few times and her book is a tour de force, it caused me to miss my undeground station 3 times! Is that a good form of rating? Her book sold very well and yours deserves to too,

    • Many thanks Barry. I haven’t read her book but you make me want to go out and track down a copy. I am currently reading Doughnut Economics which is a little hard going but has lots of interesting ideas which you would no doubt agree with.

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