I live in a bubble

toasting a successful first day

Toasting winning BBC Wildlife Magazines Blogger of the Week award….3 months too late.

My inability to deal with modern life is not always a good thing. Turns out I won BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Blogger of the Week back in February. I have only just found out on Twitter. A belated thank you to BBC Wildlife Mag. Clearly I spend too much time On the Marshes instead of on social media.

4 thoughts on “I live in a bubble

  1. I am quite envious of your ‘bubble’ existence. We had a power cut yesterday – no internet, no television, a scratchy lunchtime bulletin on an old AM/FM radio, but lots of conversation.

    • I agree. My parents house is like stepping back into another time and I’m not so sure it isn’t a better time in some ways. One Christmas we made up quizzes, played games and did mindful colouring and hardly watched the TV at all.

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