A proud moment

My book in the window of my local Waterstones in Chatham. book in window of Waterstones in Chatham


8 thoughts on “A proud moment

  1. Carol, we are really enjoying your book, quite revealing, in so many ways! We concur with your itinerant views, living in our campervan so as not to fully acquiesce to the forces materialism, living a freer and simpler life. Low cost, more fun (usually). It is such a good read, intertwining your personal life with the lives on and of the marshes, Rebecca (my wife) has monopolized it, though she does read me sections in bed before I drift off to sleep. It is especially interesting as I know, or have known the people and places you write about. It was a nice gesture to dedicate the book to Gordon Alison, an authentic ‘old school’ RSPB warden, and to also praise Steve Gordon of Elmley, one of life’s true gentlemen and so sadly missed. Well done Carol, the book is also nicely presented and substantial physically and texturally (what does that word mean?) a great achievement and valuable as document of disappearing times.

    • Many thanks Barry. I’m so glad you are enjoying it. It is really important to me that the people that were there at the time feel that it reflects that life we all had and that has sadly now disappeared. You know I am envious of your itinerant life. I just need to step off the wheel again x

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