New Year, New Bird



copyright Jerzystrzelecki

A new year dawns and I bag a new bird for me. A lesser spotted woodpecker, chequer backed and rosy hued. A tiny, flit of a bird, looking no bigger than a sparrow. I got it by not running around The Blean in a bird watching frenzy but by sitting and waiting and eating satsumas.


5 thoughts on “New Year, New Bird

  1. fantastic shot and worth the wait I bet! Reassuring after I’ve tentatively set a New Year’s resolution for spending more time sitting rather than trying to run around catching wildlife on camera…

    • just seen copyright and guess you did not capture this one, oops! nevertheless, lucky you to spot a lesser spotted 🙂

      • ah, yes, wish I had, but well done to the guy who took the photo in a Polish forest. I will hang around in the same spot and try to do better.

  2. I was in one of the coppiced clearings in a quiet part of the wood. Just sit where the nuthatches and tree creepers are and one might well pop up.

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