A Wild Night


photo; Josh Bartel

Had a great day on Friday at the Salt Festival in Folkestone where I ran a guided walk for a lovely group of people around the Warren, got overly excited and ate too much wild food, shouted like Kenneth Branagh and got to interview Jay Griffith, author of Wild, an Elemental Journey about Marine Conservation Zones, the mystery of Nigel Farage and childhood memories.


6 thoughts on “A Wild Night

  1. And a fine Kenneth Branagh you were too! I’m glad that you had a fine time. So did I. It is me, ‘Patchouli Woman’ by the way. I have some lovely photos of you from the walk if you would like them?

  2. Thanks for the photos and I’m glad you enjoyed the walk. I used to run quite a few a year but haven’t had the chance recently so it’s nice to know they still go down well.

  3. Hey, Carol. Thanks was enjoyable. Please do it again…Been itching to explore Robert Macfarlane’s Wild Places in Essex (your bag?) Do you intend/lead walks in the area?

    • I really enjoyed the day, although had been a bit nervous in advance. I’m not a huge fan of Robert Macfarlane’s books but did really enjoy his documentary on Essex. I’d love to run more walks but it does kind of depend on people wanting to pay me to organise them.

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