A nightingale sang and then was destroyed.

Last night I sat in my garden with a friend. We built a fire, watched a shooting star fall overhead and listened to a nightingale sing. It made me unbelievably sad. These moments are what makes life precious and we are destroying them.

The scrub that the nightingale sang in is being ripped up to make way for a inappropriate and unnecessary housing development. Houses sit empty all over this country and we are destroying the places that bring beauty and joy into our lives to make way for developments which only enrich the lives of the, already rich men who champion them.

I will no longer step out of my door in the morning and hear cuckoos. I will no longer sit in my garden at 1am and hear a nightingale sing and this destruction erodes the very things that make life worth living.

I am supposed to follow the party line that the wants of humans have far more value than the needs of the other creatures that live on the planet. I just can’t subscribe to this point of view. Humans are two a penny, nightingales are rare and getting ever rarer as they make way for profit and I care passionately about this and cannot rouse myself to care if people don’t have a mortgage.

This morning I tidy the remains of the fire away and take some comfort in the fact that the blue tits eggs have successfully hatched in my nest box. I can do this. I can make homes for blue tits but all I can do for the nightingale is rage, rage against its destruction.

Listen to a nightingale sing here.


4 thoughts on “A nightingale sang and then was destroyed.

  1. Thank you for the post, “A nightinggale sang and then was destroyed.” It is a strong, dedicated, passionately written piece. Insisting that people are not of more value than other creatures of the planet breaks with the dominant (and ubiquitous) tenet of human societies, but it it needs to be said, and repeatedly. (Cf. my own blog posts http://www.heathhike.com, partidularly nos. 4, 5, & 6 on the birdlife of northernmost Norway. The basic info I am sure you already know, and it is not quite as strongly formulated as yours, but still … )

    • thank you for your kind words. This means a lot to me, to know that I reached out to someone on a day when I had to watch this site slowly being destroyed and felt powerless to stop it.

  2. Hi Carol. I feel your pain. I really do. I am so depressed by, so angry with, the insane amount of house building in this country, the seeming total lack of any conception of the need for wildspaces, the attitidue of the Establishment to our wildlife….the list goes on. This government is hand in hand with developers and big landowners. Even the EU is powerless to stop destruction (look at shooting of migrating birds in the Med – goes on every year and the EU don’t, can’t, stop it. Now the threat to Poland’s pristine forests?) If we leave Europe, the countryside is damned, if we stay in Europe, the countryside is damned. Everything seems to be geared to greed, destruction, development; ahead of everything, anything beautiful. Birds of prey are shot out of the sky and birds nests are smashed by bulldozers. Welcome to Modern Britain. Sorry, that wasn’t very uplifting was it? I do my little bit too, feeding local birds, taking care of local habitats, supporting causes that promote our wildlife. You are not alone in your feeling of powerlessness.

    • Hi Eliza,
      Many thanks for you comments and support on this issue. Physical pain is exactly what I feel about this destruction. Hearing that nightingale from my garden was just the most marvellous thing and then the awful realisation that it will be gone. Next year this site will be under concrete. Why do some of us care so desperately and others seem completely unmoved by what’s happening? Why am I the only person in my street giving these people hell. Why isn’t everyone protesting at the loss of nightingale song from their evening chorus? Instead, they shrug their shoulders and tell me it’s inevitable.

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