Dawn on the Isle of Sheep


In the midst of six days of 4.30am wake up calls as I head out for the first round of breeding wader surveys on the marshes of Sheppey, the isle of sheep. The early start means I am like a bear with a sore head by midday but, believe me, I never for one moment doubt how lucky I am that this is my day job. Marsh harriers, plummeting lapwing, beautiful sunrises and on Monday my first swallow of the year, flying across Capel Fleet.


2 thoughts on “Dawn on the Isle of Sheep

  1. Carol, you are indeed fortunate, Sheppey is marvelous in Springtime, alive with the birds, despite the early rises.
    Spare a thought for me too, being woken before dawn in a cold condensated tent, to rise from a warm sleeping bag into near zero temperatures. Rebecca is a morning person and I am not! Gloves, down jacket and wooly hat quickly pulled on, hands clasped around a tin mug of tea to keep them warm, rolling up a wet tent, cold hands again.
    But, sun rises over the hills, reflects off red rock, warms our backs and face and birdsong fills the air. Nature’s Spring flush surrounds us. All is pure again…..
    Barry (Sierra de Guera, Spain)

    • I am thinking of you Barry and despite your chilly and early starts, I am still very jealous of your fantastic trip.

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