On the marshes – To be published

14 writing by the estuaryAlmost a year since I finished my journey across the North Kent Marshes meeting people living alternative ways of life, I am happy to announce that I have just signed a publishing contract with Little Toller Books.

Little Toller Books are an independent publisher who look for writers who ‘seek inventive ways to reconnect us with the natural world and celebrate the places we live in.’

On the Marshes follows my journey from Gravesham to Whitstable meeting houseboat owners, chalet dwellers and friends of hermits living in the woods. The journey was a way of understanding my own experience of living in a caravan on the marshes for three years, my eviction from my home and the subsequent breakdown in my long term relationship.

I hope the book will help people see the beauty and value of an atmospheric corner of England which is under constant threat and give an insight into why some people follow an alternative route in life.

Many thanks to Little Toller for seeing the books potential, to my agent Joanna Swainson of literary agency Hardman and Swainson for working so hard to get me a deal and mostly to the many wonderful, kind, brave people who took the time to meet me and share their stories with me.

Getting a publishing deal is a huge and longed for step for me but I get the feeling that a new journey is just beginning and their will be a lot of learning to do before the book is finally on the shelves. Like any big and scary change in my life I am dealing with the only way I know how and have begun to write something new.



7 thoughts on “On the marshes – To be published

  1. Really pleased you got a publishing deal for your book Carol. Good luck with it and looking forward to getting a copy when it does come out !

    Best Regards

  2. Dear Carol,
    I follow your blog ( can’t recall how I stumbled across you ) because you inhabit similar territory to me. I’ve always believed that there are surprising results when life gets turned upside down, though it can be a terrifying experience too. This project sounds fantastic and I look forward to reading it. I’ve just finished Sharon Blackie If Women rose rooted ‘. If you haven’t read it I heartily recommend it.

    • Many thanks for your comments and your book recommendation. To my shame, I hadn’t heard of it but it sounds great so I am off down the library now to see if I can find a copy.

      • It only came out in March, so hearing of it is not unusual, but she is a writer you may find interesting. I love this world of nature/eco/stories….

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