Estuary Life – The Next Step

I have signed with an agent but where next?

I have signed with an agent but where next?

I am pleased to tell you that I have just signed with literary agency Hardman and Swainson who will be hard at work hopefully finding Estuary Life a publishing deal in the near future, but will it still be called Estuary Life? Probably not, we are currently toying with various titles, something I will be the first to say I have never been good at, but hopefully we will come up with something which appeals soon.

Joanna Swainson was an early advocate for the idea behind this book and gave me faith that I was onto something when all I had was one chapter and some rough plans. She came to visit the marshes on a terribly wet winters day and subsequently her and partner, Nick Russell-Pavier joined me on a outing to Elmley Marshes. I am really looking forward to working with Joanna over the next few months.

Having wrestled this book into existence I am most certainly into my writing groove and already beginning to think about ideas for my next book. If you would like advice on nature writing and publishing then why not come along to one of the two nature writing courses I am running in the next couple of weeks for the Up on the Downs Festival. See the events page for more details.


8 thoughts on “Estuary Life – The Next Step

  1. woah!!! Well done Carol cant wait to finally read it, you and mum what next DIY at 80yrs by dad or how to juggle kids, students,work and gourmet cooking and still stay sane by me, ha
    love Lindyx

  2. Dear Carol, I found your writings via The Gentle Author, I am plucking up the courage to attend my first writing class tonight. I have found it, lurking beneath, self doubt and ‘but what do I say’. Good luck to you.
    Kind regards. Lesley x

    • Hi Lesley, Good luck with your writing class. I’ve seen lots of people really nervous about revealing their work to others and am often amazed at just how good they are when they do pluck up the courage. Write the utter truth according to your experience of the world, that’s my advice. I had no idea The Gentle Author was promoting my work. Could you possibly send me a link to the page you found out about me on? My book ended up being called, On the Marshes and is available to buy at Waterstones, Little Toller and I guess online places.

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