Nature Writing Courses

Anthony Albright

Anthony Albright

Would you like to try your hand at nature writing? It’s the new rock n roll, so I’m told and with authors such as Robert Macfarlane and Heather Macdonald topping best seller lists then it’s popularity will continue to grow.

If however your ambitions do not lean to these heady heights but you would just like to write about the nature in your garden and learn new ways of getting beyond the cliché’s and really express your true thoughts and feelings about the world around you, then taking part in a nature writing course should still be a fulfilling experience.

This year I am running a serious of nature writing courses as part of the Rochester Literature Festival and Up On the Down Big Summer Festival. The courses range from 2 hours to a full day and hopefully should be enjoyable and a positive experience.

No one is made to read their work out aloud on my courses. Reading your work out aloud is, at some point, a fear you should tackle but I would not want anyone to sit in agony through a whole workshop dreading their moment in the spotlight.

If you would like to find out more about these courses and how to book a place please visit the forthcoming events page or follow this link

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