Breakfast with the nightingales

Second breakfast, 9am, cold pancakes and choca mocha.

a view across Conyer creek

with a nightingale singing in the scrub.

first of the year.



3 thoughts on “Breakfast with the nightingales

  1. Sounds completely idyllic. Thanks for the beautiful recording, and with ?blackbirds in the background too? I’ll be heading up to the hills soon, in the hope of hearing some lyrebirds. They sing mostly in the colder months.

    • Wow. I’ve just looked at a lyrebird singing on you tube. What an amazing display. I loved the zap, zap, zap part of it’s song. You’re quite making me want to visit my sister in Queensland soon.

      • Ahh they are fabulous songsters. A really strong mellow voice and lots of mimicry. Once you get to know the local birds you can then hear lots of different species in the lyrebird’s song. In Qld they are only in the south-east, so you’d need to take a trip down there once you check out all the extraordinary birds of the wet tropics around Cairns!

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