Pancake Breakfast

early morning primroseEarly morning walk to the woods to breakfast on pancakes.

Frost pockets in the shadows,

shear light, transparent in its gauzy vestments,

dropping the veil as the sun’s strength grows.

The grass like strands of icing on cheesecakes bought from Barton’s Tea Shopfrosty leaves

and eaten on formica tables under the orange domes of light.

Fighting my way up hill in the crisp morning.

Putting up a woodcock which bumbles off sleepily into the trees.

Little owl yowling on the marsh below.

One lone primrose backlit by morning sun.

Up through the woods to eat breakfast,

pancakes, coffee and an orange with a view of the Thamespancake breakfast

To hear the morning chatter of 4000 crows, woodpeckers laughing, the rasping grunt and pop and crack of herons at the nest.

And that’s it.

And that’s all I’ve come for

breakfast amongst the trees in the company of herons,

unseen, undisturbed.


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