A queue for the bird box

blue tit twoThis morning two blue tits and two great tits vied for position in front of the bird box in my garden. One great tit hung onto the hole checking it out for size while its mate swung amongst the willow buds waiting for the verdict. On top of the summer house two blue tits twittered angrily, after all the box had been there’s last year.

Incensed by this intrusion the two blue tits tried to assert some authority, dive bombing the great tits. For a moment all four birds chased each other back and forth in front of the box until I wanted to go out into the garden and say.

“Hold on, break it up. Look behind you and you will see another perfectly good box. We can all live in harmony here.”

But I didn’t. There is no point in being logical in such arguments, it is all about territory. They spun around each other, fuming and wasting precious energy, reminding me of the fights for the best parking space in the supermarket car park. Finally a shiny hub capped, 4 wheel driving magpie swooped in and everyone else scarpered.


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