Show and Tell

Anthony Albright

Anthony Albright

The days are growing shorter but there is still just enough light and warmth in the day to spend it camped in my summer house continuing to write Estuary Life. The first few chapters have now been battered into some sort of shape and, after a final edit, will be ready to go out to my band of readers.

I am wary. It is one thing sitting in the summer house writing my thoughts, another, revealing these thoughts, revealing myself, to the world. As an essentially private person I am not sure of the wisdom of this. Still, I write to be read and I try to write the truth as I see it so I need to be brave and send it out.

I had a moment of revelation yesterday when I thought of an ending for the book. I still have some of my journey to complete and anything could happen between now and then to change things but I still felt that thrill of creativity at discovering a little pearl of an idea.

This is why I write, for that moment of creativity when it all comes together and you discover something which surprises yourself.

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