No Estuary Airport



Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah, Stupid Boris Johnson, Estuary Airport sent packing. The beautiful landscape of the Hoo Peninsula is safe for just a little longer.


2 thoughts on “No Estuary Airport

  1. And so say all of us. The whole thing seemed to me to be ludicrous, and probably just vanity project for Boris. Also, having just thrown his hat into the ring for a west London constituency, he’ll have to explain to his prospective constituents living under the flight path for Heathrow his support for airport expansion in general.

    • I was delighted with the result but really it makes me fume to think of the money that’s been wasted and the stress he’s put people under in order to fight against his crazy plan. It just makes me think all the more that to him it’s all just a big funny game, it’s pretty immoral when you think about it.

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