What would you take to a deserted island?

toasting a successful first day

I have always loved islands. When faced with troubled times or too much of life and people I have often chosen to vanish to an island. Once to the beautiful Holy Island in Northumberland, to retreat to a place where the causeway was covered with the tide for much of the day. Twice to the Scilly Isles where I revelled in the luxury of doing nothing. Now I am off on the second leg of my Estuary Life tour and am going to spend the solstice on a deserted island in the Medway river. I am being ferried across  by hovercraft on Saturday evening and will spend the longest night of the year in blissful solitude.

But what do you take to a desert island. I have chosen my book, an ancient Richard Mabey book on wild plants and I have chosen my piece of music, Diamond Mine by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins, my luxury? I guess it’s my camera although it might be toilet roll!  But I am hoping the real luxury is to spend 24 hours on my own, to be transported somewhere with no one and nothing to be responsible for, no e-mail, no phone, no lawn needing mowing and house needing cleaning and work demanding to be attended to. I wish to leave a note on my inbox and on my door, a message on my phone.

Gone to the Island, back soon.


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