My writing space

my writing spaceIs where we choose to write important? In the past I have written on crowded trains, hiding out in my old van with no heating through a bitter winter, in crowded cafe’s with kids screaming all around. If you are in the moment you can pretty much write anywhere. But, where would you choose to write? I have also had the good fortune to live on beautiful nature reserves which I had to myself in the evening and have written in cliff top bird hides with the light ever changing across a lake, in my caravan as the wind howled over head, in a beautiful hotel room on the Scilly Isles with a view of the bay before me. Was my writing better because of the beauty set out before me, probably not.

These days I write in the cellar. I like the fact that when I walk down the stone steps I leave the house above. I like the fact that, down in the cellar, my phone displays ’emergency calls only.’ and there is no internet signal. When I go underground there is nothing to do but write.

I have spent three days in the cellar with the candles on, intoxicated by the smell of burning sage grass and home brew. 10,000 words written so far. The cellar is working for me.

5 thoughts on “My writing space

  1. I love the idea of being able to take your writing space with you wherever you go. But I also like the idea of having a writing space – a writing studio.
    I love all the different places we can write though.
    I was wondering if I could include some of your words from this post in a book I’m working on where real people who write share about writing. It’s very visual with lots of pictures of writing spaces, notebooks, stationary, etc. and it’s to inspire people to write. I’d love to include the list of places you’ve written to show how people can write anywhere.
    Your name, age and location would be included and all credit would go to you for your words.
    All good if you’re not interested. Just thought I’d check.

    • Hi JD,
      Yes, that would be fine. let me know if you need any more information or a better photo. I’m off to the summer house at the bottom of the garden to write today which also has no internet, but will pick up my mail later on.

  2. Many thanks. You’re right the cellar is the coolest place in the house but if it’s sunny I decamp to the summer house at the bottom of the garden.

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