Museum of Water

bottle of water by MedwayArtist Amy Sharrocks is building a Museum of Water and is urging people to choose a water that is precious to them, find a vessel to put it in and tell her why you have chosen this water. The resulting collection of water and stories is currently touring the country before being exhibited in Somerset House by the River Thames from Friday 6th – Sunday 29th June.

The day before the start of my pilgrimage along the Estuaries of the Thames, Medway and Swale it seemed somehow fitting and right to visit the river and collect a bottle of estuary water. I guess the reverse of the traditional pilgrimage offering to the river but still hopefully auspicious.

So at 8am on a rainy Saturday I found myself down by the Medway in my wellies, clambering over seaweed slippery rocks and through the ooze of grey mud to the rivers edge. The tide was just coming in and the water looked decidedly murky and foaming. I ignored the fear of riverbourne nasties like Weils Disease and the many cuts and scrapes on my hands and dipped my IKEA bottle into the river, fishing out a typically estuarine mix of water and sediment.

collecting Medway River Water

The water then toured Medway with me as I went about my Saturday errands before being dropped off at the LV21 at Gillingham Pier, the current stopping point for the museum, where my Medway was due to join my friends bottle of Swale and be exhibited along with water from Tasmania, the Baltic, Lourdes and a bottle of election day water from a puddle outside a poling station and stored in a old bottle of daddies sauce (my personal favourite.) bottle of Medway river water

To find out more about the Museum of Water and the exhibition visit the website


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