Naughty Nuns and Nightingales

Spring is well and truly underway, which must mean it’s time to undertake my regular Naughty Nuns and Nightingales walk for the Explore North Kent walking festival.

But before you ask.. No, I don’t dress as a Naughty Nuns. Every year legions of men seem to be disappointed at turning up and finding..well, just me in walking boots. Really, the habit would rather get in the way of leaping the stiles and encouraging the feral ponies, which inhabit the marsh, to leave us alone.

Still, this walk from St Mary’s Church in Lower Higham in Kent (ME3 7LS) and across the marshes to the Thames is one of my favourites, full of interesting stories, plummeting lapwings and, if we are in luck, warbling nightingales.. and, yes there is a tale of nuns led astray.

The walk costs £1 and begins at 10am on Saturday 24th

To book a place e-mail;

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