Snowing in the woods

image from talainsphotographyblog

image from talainsphotographyblog

Snowing in the woods.

As a child I had a book of nature with a picture of a mossy forest. The caption beside it read something along the lines of, ‘if we keep very quiet while in the woods creatures will begin to appear’. I sat by the fire for what seemed like hours, staring at that picture, thinking if I only looked long enough then something really would appear, a deer maybe or even a badger, the sort of half mythical creatures which had long ago vanished from our suburban scrub patches which passed as woodland. Ok, so maybe I was a little slow on the uptake, or had sat by that fire too long and my brain wasn’t quite getting the fact that I was looking at a page in a book not really sitting in a woodland but still, even now, that picture casts the same spell.

This photo from Talainsphotographyblog have the same affect. If I look long enough and am quiet enough and want it enough then the twigs in the distance will part and something, just something will step into view.


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