Estuary Life

my caravan on the marshes

my caravan on the marshes

Despite the dismal weather then my planned walk across the North Kent Marshes with literary agent Joanna Swainson and her partner, writer, TV producer and composer Nick Russel-Pavier went well.

We were there to discuss my idea of a book following a walk across the estuaries of North Kent, entwining my own experience of living in a caravan on the marshes with those of others living in similar unconventional homes.

The rain battered us from all sides and the site was a quagmire but the pair of them were lovely and enthusiastic and declared they loved walking in the rain. I showed them the spot where my caravan used to sit beneath the willow tree, a world which has now vanished.

I took them to the marshes and fed them home made cherry brandy, the sun came out and we were dazzled by flocks of lapwings, hunting marsh harriers and distant, smoke blown gatherings of starlings. They were keen on my idea as are other agents. The world briefly shone.

Now I just have to go away and write the damn thing.

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