The time is only ever now

Anthony Albright

Anthony Albright

It’s been one of those weeks, both exciting and terrifying and potentially life changing. Finally, after months of toying with an idea of writing about a book based on a journey across the estuary landscape of the North Kent Marshes documenting my own experiences of living in a caravan on the marshes and meeting others who have chosen to live in similar ramshackle, alternative, edge of society dwellings, I sent off my proposal to a tiny selection of London literary agents and was most surprised to receive an e-mail from one the same day.

The e-mail began. Thank you for your material, which I enjoyed. That would have been nice enough but I was expecting  the next sentence to be either;

A) but it’s not right for us.

B) But I don’t see a market for it or

C) But our lists are currently full.

Anyone who has ever written and sent their stuff off to agents and publishers will be all too familiar with these replies. What I didn’t expect to see was some glowing praise followed by

D) I would be interested to see more chapters if you have them available.

“whoooooeeeeeeeee,” but also, “BUGGER.”

I don’t have more chapters, the thing isn’t written, the journey hasn’t begun.

I was forced to e-mail back and confess that this is only a proposal and receive a reply along the lines of.

Well, go away and write it and come back to me when you have as I am interested.

A reply which made me want to weep with frustration on how I was ever going to find the time to research and write this book while working full time, driving hundreds of miles for work every week and trying to keep my house from falling down round my ears.

Two sleepless nights followed as my head swirled with how it could be done. how I could find the time to write and find the money to find the time to write. Should I give up everything, work and holidays, and men and family and DIY and friends and become a hermit. It is the age old writing dilemma, the age old life dilemma. An opportunity presents itself and if you don’t grab it, whatever, whatever the risks, then you will forever regret it. Something has to give, but what and how?

Then, the inkling of an idea was given to me, a way it could be done, not easy, not without sacrifice, but then is anything of real worth in life ever gained with ease.

Another friend stopped by for tea and gave me this good advice. “Get A Plan.”

and so a plan is forming which might transform 2014, if only I have the courage to take that first step.

but when that door opens you just have to step through it and not hesitate and tell yourself the timing is all wrong because after all, the time is only ever now.


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