11 thoughts on “A Winter’s Sunset

  1. wish I was there with you carol then we could go and have a browse through the op shops in Rochester and have a huge piece of cake in that cake shop I like, oh sorry I should be talking about wildlife on this site ha, ha lindy

    • that’s ok, talking about cake is good too! I was in Peggoty’s pie shop last Saturday with Karen. I looked at the cake but stuck to a baked potato…..the cake came later

    • Hi Brenda, A country warden is someone who looks after the countryside and manages the land for the benefit of wildlife. It’s a bit different in England cause it’s all on a relatively small scale. It is more like countryside gardening here. Glad you enjoyed the sunset.

      • Thanks for explaining. We have park rangers, but no similar job outside of state or national park land. We do have groups that form to take care of wild places, like “Friends of Fabulous Lake.” Then they yank all the invasive species. Only the park rangers are official, though.

  2. I also do a fair amount of yanking invasive species in the summer months with my volunteers. I would love to work on one of the beautiful national parks in the States or Canada, especially if I got to travel through it on horseback….a dream I am working on

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