Book Review – Cold Comfort Farm – Stella Gibbons

booksIn Cold Comfort Farm, the indomitable Flora Poste, finding herself an orphan, decides to offer herself as a guest to her distant relatives at Cold Comfort Farm in the hope that they will feed and house her. In deepest Sussex she finds a family of superstitious, rural misfits, ruled by the mysterious Aunt Ada Doom, all of whom delight in their own gloomy passions and are ruled by the flowering of the ‘sukebind’ weed. Undaunted, Flora sets out to sweep all such nonsense away before her and rid the family of their overly dramatic notions and appalling sense of style by applying her own brand of level-headed, ‘modern’ common sense.

Flora Poste is an exquisite heroine, a strong, sensible, woman; independent, stylish and able to reveal a softer, feminine side without loosing any of her own character. The book is light, funny, clever and knowing, being a parody of the many doom laden stories of rural life by authors such as D H Lawrence, the Bronte sisters and Thomas Hardy. The unexpected twist at the ending is a delight and ensures that the final character set on ‘the right path’ by Flora is indeed herself


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