A recipe for cherry season

imagesDown in the cherry orchard there is such a bonanza of fruit that I hardly know where to begin. After all, even I can only gorge myself on so many cherries and just what is going on with the price of brandy? Unless someone quickly tells me how to create a still in the garden shed then Donaldson’s cherry brandy factory will be creating only limited supplies this year. So what is a girl to do with too many cherries and a desire to make alcohol? Thankfully I have found the following recipe for cherry ale.

Cherry Ale

3 pounds of  cherries (stoned)

pints of boiling water

2 pounds of granulated sugar

1/4 oz of bakers yeast

put the stoned fruit into a bowl and crush thoroughly with a wooden spoon.

crush a couple of stones and add them too.

pour boiling water over the fruit, cover with a cloth and leave for four days, stirring daily.

strain the liquid through a cloth, add the sugar and gently heat.

If your saucepan isn’t big enough then dissolve the sugar into a bit of liquid and tip this into the remainder.

leave to cool then pour into a fermentation jar (demi-john) till the 3/4 mark.

Sprinkle the yeast in, fit an airlock and leave until fermentation ceases.

siphon into strong bottles, cork.

The beer can be kept for three years.


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