A Nature Girl Joins the 21st Century

on the bus in IndiaFor a nature girl I have done myself proud recently. I am way behind the times when it comes to technology. Until recently I still had a black and white tv and a whistling kettle and was happy with my retro, hippy life. But, as any conservationist knows, the species that survive, adapt. So, here I am adapting. I have bought a new computer and am ready to blog.

I am hoping my blog can bring a little bit of the countryside into the lives of all those people who are stuck in offices, or on the tube and only glimpse wildlife and nature through glass windows. I would like to tell you a little bit about how the seasons are turning (or not – in the case of this endless winter) and what I get up to as someone who is out there working in the countryside.

I am lucky to have a job which sees me spending summer days wandering in the countryside doing wildlife surveys or ringing barn owls or searching for water voles, but I also spend many cold wet days wrapped in 11 layers and huddling round smoky bonfires enjoying the banter of my volunteer group.

If you love the country and wildlife or secretly dream of giving up the office and getting an outdoor job then I hope you will enjoy my blog.

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